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We are in a transitional period right now. Dry season starts in December, and it’s OK. People can enjoy holiday festivities with little chance of rain. January is ok too, but by February it’s been dry for a while. Plants are starting to suffer and it’s starting to get too hot. March was pretty miserable even for those of us who like warm weather. The locals were even complaining that it was the hottest summer they remember. Now it is April and we are transitioning back into rainy season, but in stops and starts. We get a few days of overcast skies and some rain, and then we wake up again to hot sun, and wind. Then, a bit more rain, a bit more summer… Today it definitely feels like summer, and biking home in that strong head wind gave me some real exercise. It’s 10pm now and the wind is blowing like crazy!

When you are used to the distinct seasons up north, it can feel like nothing much happens here. But after a while, you become more aware of the differences. Trees burst out with flowers that you don’t see in the rainy season. Mango trees fruit, and now there are mangoes falling from the trees all over town. The bougainvilleas are spectacular! There are good things going on in the summer, but I still prefer the rainy season when everything is lush and green. Since we usually don’t have to be out in it, we can just relax on the terrace and enjoy the rain.

Pretty bougainvillea

Summer is less humid, but there is still humidity all the time here in the tropics. I am part of an admin team that manages some expat Facebook groups, and it comes up regularly – I want to live in Panama but I don’t like humidity. Where should I live? Well… nowhere here. It may be cooler in the mountains but if anything, it’s more humid. But, when the mist rolls through it can make for some spectacular rainbows!

even a double rainbow for a while!

The Azuero Peninsula gets less rain but it’s still humid there also. It’s just humid everywhere in Panama. Personally, I like it. I never need skin cream or Chapstick. We have had to take some measures to prevent mold. We don’t leave wet towels or clothes that have been worn in the shower/closet area, and we try to give enough space for some air flow in the closet. We also use air conditioning in the afternoons so that helps get some of the moisture out of the house. Overall though, the humidity hasn’t been a problem and I’m much more comfortable in this climate.

But, it sure is crazy tonight! That wind is roaring through the trees. It gets windier in the mountains so I can only imagine what it’s doing up there. What will tomorrow bring? What season will we wake up to? We shall see!

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