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Yes, I am back here again. There have been many long absences, but I have more time now so I’m going to try to write more often. Without the constant responsibilities of the band, I feel like I can resume my retirement and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been riding my bike almost every day and getting stronger, and taking longer rides. Rainy season seems to be coming back and the cooler weather really helps. We had a couple days of rain last week and then summer abruptly resumed, but this week we have been having more clouds in the morning and a bit of rain. Thank goodness! I like warm weather but March got really hot. The locals were even complaining and saying it’s the hottest summer they remember.

I’ve also been able to spend most of my time outdoors, which I really enjoy. My other granddaughter made some really detailed and challenging art to paint on my speakers, but I really enjoy the slow, quiet process of painting while I listen to books on my headphones. I’m making a bit of progress every day and I’ll be very interested to see how they look when they are finished.

Last week I mentioned a lizard that hangs out on our bathroom window, one who apparently lost his tail.

I’m happy to report that 8 days later, he’s making very good progress on regrowing his tail.

I also have a desk lizard. When I’m outside after the dark my desk lamp will be on, and this little guy has been visiting every night to catch the bugs that are attracted to the light. Isn’t he cute! Sometimes he hangs upside on the shelf next to the table, and when he spots something he’ll leap to the table. But most of the time he peeks from below the table, and runs out when he spots a tasty bug. It was interesting the other night when there was a little stink bug on the table. The lizard came out and stared at it for quite a while but wouldn’t touch it. He apparently knows that stink bugs aren’t good to eat.

Speaking of wildlife, we discovered that there are porcupines in the area! Or, I should say the dog discovered it, and it wasn’t a good thing. Poor girl! She only had 18 spines but they hurt. She was very good but the last few were in her lip, and it took both of us and a pair of plyers to get the last one out. Thankfully she was fine afterward, no signs of infection and no problem eating her dinner that evening.

We are the last house on the street, and next to us is a large, wooded area. We had opened a spot in the fence where we could toss yard debris through the fence instead of over it, and I’m guessing the porcupine came through there. Joel let her out about 9am, and it was maybe an hour later that we discovered the problem so thankfully the spines weren’t in her for a long time. But still… poor girl. She’s all good now though. This beautiful husky lives a couple blocks away and always greets us when we go walking. We have all become good friends and she and Avioneta love to play together.

Yesterday when we were walking, we saw this really cool cloud formation.

That’s about it for now. By the time I get this published it will be tomorrow since it’s late now. I’ll give it a final proof read in the morning. You take care! The news says there is a lot of stormy weather coming up north, so I hope it doesn’t cause too many problems for you all up there. Hasta pronto 😊

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