Blooming Connections: Life at Westwood Ridge I Through Marie Scheffer’s Eyes

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Step into the vibrant presence of Westwood Ridge I with Marie Scheffer, a cherished resident who loves her home and actively nurtures the community as a Walker Methodist ambassador. In this video, join Marie as she shares her ongoing experiences and the heartwarming story of transforming a garden into a blooming haven.

A Growing Connection

From the start of her life at Westwood Ridge I, Marie felt welcomed by the thoughtful staff and lively community. “I love the staff here. In fact, one knows I love plants, and she brought me Red Romaine lettuce to add to my salad,” she shares joyfully. Wanting to spread this sense of belonging to others, Marie signed up to become a resident ambassador shortly after moving in.

Ambassadorship at Walker Methodist

Marie’s involvement as a resident ambassador reflects the community’s commitment to inclusivity. At Westwood Ridge, Marie plays a crucial role in welcoming prospective residents. Her willingness to help with tours and showcase her apartment fosters a sense of comfort and familiarity. Marie believes in the power of connection and understands that sharing her home is a meaningful way to ease the transition for those considering joining the community.

Cultivating Connections in the Rock Garden

The rock garden at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge

Marie’s green thumb extends beyond her apartment to the community’s rock garden. Taking the initiative to revive the garden, she collaborated with another resident and enlisted the help of her grandson. The once lifeless space transformed into a vibrant haven, bringing joy to residents who now gather to admire the blooming flowers and appreciate the beauty of shared efforts.

The Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Environment 

Between the flourishing gardens, courtyard spaces, and accessible grounds, there is room for pets to receive fresh air and exercise alongside residents. Marie greatly values the fact that she can live comfortably with her dog. She appreciates that the warm, pet-friendly environment enables residents like herself to maintain a special bond with beloved furry companions even in senior living. This inclusive atmosphere for both pets and their owners contributes to the tight-knit Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge I community.

See if Westwood Ridge I Is Right for You

Marie’s story is a testament to the spirit of the residents and the warmth that permeates every corner of the Westwood Ridge community. Each resident adds a unique hue to the canvas of life at Walker Methodist, and we invite you to discover the possibilities that await here!

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour with one of our fantastic resident ambassadors, like Marie.


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