Embracing Community: Diane Kerr’s Journey at Plaza Gardens

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Discover the heartwarming journey of Diane Kerr, a cherished resident at Walker Methodist Plaza Gardens. In this video, Diane shares her experiences, the warmth of friendships, and the vibrant happenings in both Plaza Gardens and the wider Anoka community.

A New Chapter at Walker Methodist Plaza Gardens

After her husband’s passing, Diane found solace and fulfillment in deciding to move to Walker Methodist, a desire she had expressed to her children even before that difficult time. Her initial impressions of Walker Methodist and the comfort she found were influential in making Plaza Gardens her home.

The Joy of Friendship

Gratitude fills Diane as she reflects on the wonderful residents she has befriended at Plaza Gardens. She emphasizes the supportive community that has made her feel at home, highlighting the importance of companionship in her daily life.

Familiar Ties to Anoka

Having lived in the Coon Rapids area due to her husband’s pastoral role, Diane is no stranger to the Anoka community. This familiarity was a significant factor in her decision to choose Plaza Gardens. The welcoming atmosphere, including familiar faces from her church, played a vital role in making her feel connected and at home.

Proximity to Downtown Anoka

Diane is a big fan of Plaza Gardens’ location, just a block from downtown Anoka. The close proximity provides countless opportunities to engage with the broader community, participate in various events, and enjoy the vibrant life of the town. All her favorite pastimes allow her to stay active and engaged in her new chapter.

Celebrating Life and All That Comes With It

From church group visits to special concerts and festive birthday parties, there is always something bringing our community together. One of Diane’s favorite recent memories was a 100th birthday bash for nine residents who were all marking the milestone. She emphasizes the joy that comes from togetherness, underlining the incredible sense of community she’s found at Plaza Gardens.

See if Plaza Gardens Is Right for You

Diane Kerr’s experiences remind us of the enriching experiences that Walker Methodist Plaza Gardens offers. Her story reflects the essence of community, friendship, and the vibrant spirit that defines life at Plaza Gardens and within the welcoming embrace of Anoka.

Join us in creating the stories that make Walker Methodist a place where individuals like Diane find not only a residence but also a community that uplifts and celebrates life’s journey together!


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