Exploring Anoka: Michael Kirchen and the Pedicab Adventures at Plaza CityView

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Welcome to Plaza CityView, a vibrant Walker Methodist community nestled in Anoka, Minnesota, where residents enjoy a unique blend of small-town charm and big-town excitement. In the video below, we’ll highlight the captivating world of Plaza CityView through the eyes of Michael Kirchen, a dedicated staff member in the Life Enrichment Unit.

Michael’s Role at Walker Methodist

Michael Kirchen drives Walker Methodist Pedicab

Meet Michael Kirchen, a retired police officer with almost 29 years of service in Minneapolis. Seeking a fulfilling post-retirement adventure, Michael found his place at Walker Plaza, serving as both a bus driver and a pedicab driver in the Life Enrichment department.

The Pedicab Experience

the pedicab at walker methodist plaza cityview

The pedicab has become a symbol of community connection at Plaza CityView. Michael shares how residents and the pedicab catch the attention of people on Main Street and spark curiosity about Walker Methodist. Memorable rides to Jackson St., with its vibrant bars, restaurants, and patios, have become a hallmark of Michael’s experiences.

Fostering Community Connections

Beyond its role as a mode of transportation, the pedicab has woven a tapestry of connections within the Anoka community. Volunteers express interest in contributing, residents share unique histories, and conversations flow freely as the pedicab makes its way through the streets. The pedicab has truly become a vehicle for building friendships.

Walker Plaza CityView and Anoka’s Appeal

Plaza CityView offers a myriad of amenities and activities, creating a small-town atmosphere within the larger Anoka community. Residents, with their newfound mobility, explore the nearby Rum River, the mighty Mississippi, and the charming streets of Anoka, a town proudly known as the Halloween capital of the world.

See if Plaza CityView Is Right for You

Come explore the warmth and vibrancy of Walker Methodist Plaza CityView. Discover more stories like Michael’s that make Walker Methodist a community like no other — a place where older adults not only live but thrive, creating lasting memories and building connections that enrich their lives.


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