Our Shared Mission and Values

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Unifying for the road ahead 

Throughout the communities we serve, our Knute Nelson | Walker Methodist family is committed to transforming the lives of aging adults for the better. After successfully completing our January 1st merger, we began looking forward to the road ahead. As we did, we recognized the importance of unifying our mission and values.

From our newest volunteers to our most senior leaders, we view our mission as both a guiding light and a calling centered on the 11,500+ people we serve. As we work hand-in-hand across the full continuum of care, our values keep us on course with a culture of genuine compassion. Together, we aspire to uplift our residents, clients, and patients.

Knute Nelson | Walker Methodist Mission and Values

Our Renewed Mission

At Knute Nelson | Walker Methodist, our mission is to enrich, empower, and elevate people throughout life’s journey.

Whether that’s short-term rehab after surgery, assisted living in a community of connection, hospice care, or beyond, we offer life-changing support tailored to your unique needs. Every step of the way, we uphold our mission throughout the 58 counties we serve.

Meanwhile, we believe in empowering those we serve by shining light on the full breadth of our care options. Our focus is on elevating loved ones and family members both at home and in our award-winning communities through our abundant amenities, resources, and expertise.

Our Shared Values

As we pursue our mission, our shared values keep our daily actions aligned with our long-term vision. These values include people first, servant heart, transformation, excellence, stewardship, and faith. The question is, what do these words mean for our Knute Nelson | Walker Methodist family and our community as a whole?

People-first and servant heart

By prioritizing the well-being of both those we serve and those we serve beside through our people-first approach, we strive to nurture open communication with a spirit of lifelong learning from one another. In our daily work, this means practicing active listening and responding to feedback for safer and more meaningful experiences. Along the way, our servant heart fills us with joy as we selflessly meet the needs of others while building relationships of trust, respect, and appreciation for one another’s contributions.

Transformation and excellence

As we deliver our award-winning services, we are constantly embracing transformation to innovate a brighter future. Whether that’s drawing from our diverse perspectives or incorporating promising technologies, we seek out new possibilities at every turn. Underscoring these efforts is our unwavering commitment to excellence. In turn, we remain honest and accountable to continue embracing opportunities for improvement.


With full respect to the resources entrusted to us, we maintain the purest form of stewardship with uncompromising transparency, responsibility, and sustainability. Through our integrity, we manage and protect these resources with our stakeholders at heart.


Our faith is present in everything we do, serving as a beacon to uphold the spiritual needs of all. We honor our Christian heritage while using God’s gifts of time, talent, and treasures to support others in their journey. From our daily interactions to our spiritual services, this connection to something greater than ourselves gives our work a deeper sense of purpose.

Discover What’s Next for Knute Nelson | Walker Methodist

Alongside our unified mission and values, we’re embarking on a journey to redefine our identity with a new name and brand that will bring together the essence of our purpose. This isn’t just about aligning logos; it’s about forging a new identity that showcases who we are and who we aspire to be. Stay tuned as we unveil our new name and brand later in the year.

For more information about our merger, we invite you to visit our website today. Thank you for reading!

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