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Why Financial Planning is the Ultimate Marshmallow Test

The marshmallow test is a psychological experiment that is supposed to determine a person’s ability to delay gratification and…

October 2023 FIRE Update

Hey everyone! Did you have a good Halloween? Sadly, Halloween was uneventful for us. RB40Jr and I were both…

AGI (Adjusted Gross Income): The Tax Acronym You Can’t Ignore

There are plenty of acronyms when it comes to your personal finances. You likely have come across HSA, COBRA,…

12 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies to Keep More 2023 Money and Prepare for Future Wealth

Yes. The year is already coming to a close. Use this list of year-end tax planning tips for 2023…


The new generation of seniors are ready to venture forth to where their predecessors had feared to go. –…

Washington, D.C. Trip Report

Hey Everyone! I’m back from a brief vacation. We went to Washington DC for a family reunion with my…

Asset Location: How Tax-Smart Investing Can Supercharge Your Portfolio

In the complex world of personal finance, asset location is the hidden strategy that smart investors use to gain…

Medicare Open Enrollment: Why You Need to Assess Your Insurance Annually and 13 Tips for Getting Great Coverage

Tis the season… No, even though Christmas decorations are crowding out Halloween on store shelves, it is not quite…

The 28 Big Financial Mistakes that Most People Make and 28 Easy Fixes for a Better Future!

All of us can do better when it comes to personal finance. Here are some relatively easy fixes for…

Early Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

Retirement planning consists of 2 broad phases – accumulation and withdrawal. Early retirement is difficult to achieve because there…

Audit Your Spending: 5 Ways to Review Your Expenses to Ensure Your Desired Financial Outcomes

Your ability to control and manage your expenses significantly influences the success of your financial plans and your satisfaction…
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