YouTuber Thursday ep. 3 – Top 5 in Thong Lor and Don Don Donki

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Hey everyone, I made some big mistakes in these clips. That’s okay. Everything is a learning experience. Check them out and let me know what you think. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re like to see more content from Thailand!

Don Don Donki

This video clip was actually the third take. The first time, I screwed up the setting on the GoPro camera and it recorded on 2x speed. The second time, it didn’t even record at all. I finally figured out that I should lock the touch screen. The third take was better.

This store is a famous Japanese discount chain – Don Quijote. I learned about this shop from the Yakuza games on Xbox. Anyway, this location is near my hotel so I went to check it out. They have all sorts of stuff from food to cosplay (8:20 in the clip) to underwear. It’s a neat shop. I would buy more stuff if I live nearby. I just don’t want to haul anything to Chiang Mai and then back home later.

Top 5 in Thong Lor

All right, now it’s time to eat. Thong Lor is a ritzy area in Bangkok. Lots of Thai celebrities and rich people live in this area. There are so many Japanese and Korean restaurants there. They outnumber Thai restaurants by a big margin. But I’m in Thailand so I was ready for some Thai food! I research and found the top 5 Thai eateries in the area. I wanted to make a long clip with all 5 places in one clip, but the first 2 clips were not great. The traffic noise was crazy. I’m afraid viewers would just click away after the first restaurant. So I split them into 5 clips.

These are all established eateries. They’ve been there for decades. But they don’t exactly serve authentic Thai food. They serve various kinds of food that have been popular in Thailand for many years. To me, they are Thai food, but some people might not agree. I mean, do you count a good pizza shop in New York as American food? Or is it Italian food?

If you’re in Thong Lor, check out these affordable eateries. I put the Google Maps locations in the YouTube description.

*I need to get a new microphone setup. I’ll probably get the GoPro Media Mod and a shotgun microphone to reduce the surrounding noises. Bangkok was so busy and noisy. Things are a bit better in Chiang Mai. It’s not as noisy here, but the build-in mic still isn’t that great.

#5 – Buay Pochana

This shop specialized in duck noodles. The duck wanton was good too.

#4 – Boon Tong Kiat

This shop specialized in Chicken rice. Actually, they serve Singaporean-style Hainan chicken rice. Confused yet? The Hainanese immigrated from China to Thailand and Singapore many years ago. I think after WW 1. They brought their cuisine with them and the chicken rice became popular in Thailand and Singapore. I think the main difference is the dipping sauce. The Thai sauce is more complicated. They added ginger, chili, and various other things. Anyway, the chicken at this shop is very good, soft and succulent.

The bak kut te soup was really good too.

#3 – Bamee Kon Sae Lee

This shop specialized in noodles. They used to have a noodle factory before opening a restaurant. I’m not sure if the factory is still in operation. The noodle was really good. It was fresh and cooked just right. I heard the crab fried rice was good too, but I expected too much. It was really good, but it didn’t wow me. Not much crab in there, but what do you want for 60 baht ($2.) The noodle is their signature dish.

#2 – Saengchai Pochana (clip scheduled to publish on Thursday morning)

This shop has been here for years. It is popular with the late-night crowd. People come here after a night of drinking and partying. The food is a mix of Thai and Chinese food. The great thing about this place is they got the “wok hei” right. The dishes all have a nice smokey overtone. You need a super-hot stove to properly achieve this.

Their signature dish is the sour plum soup. It doesn’t look or sound that great, but the taste was awesome. It was hot (heat), sour, salty, and hit just the right spot. Great soup.

#1 – Mae Varee (clip scheduled to publish Friday morning)

This little takeout dessert shop is famous in Thong Lor. They have all sorts of Thai desserts. I went for the classic mango sticky rice. A small set was 100 baht, big was 150 baht. The mango was awesome, so much better than mangoes in the US. I was surprised because the mango was so sweet and juicy. The mango, sticky rice, coconut cream, and crunchy mung beans went together so well. It was awesome. I rarely eat dessert and I’m giving this shop the #1 spot wholeheartedly. It was that good.

All right, that’s it for Bangkok. Next week, I’ll share my clips from Chiang Mai.

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