The Best (and Worst) AI Stocks

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I suspect some of you might be concerned about the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Or perhaps you’re fascinated by it.

Either way, I get it.

As Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld notes in this week’s episode of State of the Market, AI can do a lot of incredible things. But keep in mind that there are still plenty of things it can’t do.

It couldn’t write an intro to this week’s episode, for example. And when Marc tried to test ChatGPT by asking it for the best AI stocks to invest in, the system wouldn’t work at all.

For these reasons (and many others), Marc says it’s far too early to be pouring your hard-earned cash into all the trendy new AI stocks.

Tune in to State of the Market to find out where you SHOULD be investing to make money off the AI boom.

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