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Open Thread: Disappearing Act

I look back at the time BP (Before Pandemic) with a pair of rose-tinted glasses. Gem Spa was still…

Big Channel Update From Marc

It’s moving day! Well, sort of… Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld is joining forces with his colleagues at The…

How Much Sleep Should an Older Adult Get?

The sun goes down. You lock the front door, change into your pajamas, fluff your pillow, and set your…

Is Wall Street’s Pandemic Darling a Buy?

I first wrote about Zoom Video Communications (Nasdaq: ZM) in September 2020. At that time, Zoom shares were trading…

15 Pros and Cons of Dividend Stocks for Retirement Savings

There are many guidelines around how to draw down your savings in retirement (the 4% rule, the multiply by…

I Have $1 Million and I Still Can’t Afford to Retire!

If you think that with a million dollars in the bank you would be on easy street when it…

The best clocks for people living with dementia

Losing track of time is one of the early symptoms of dementia. Whether it’s a missed doctor’s appointment or…

Senior Planet Talks To…Nick Nolte

At 81 years old, Nick Nolte (at left) insists his infamous “bad boy” days are long behind him. Wed…

Don’t Forget About Your Annual Financial Checkup

Can you believe it is December already? The year is almost over and Christmas music is in the air.…

Can This Chipmaker Sustain Its Dividend?

Marc Lichtenfeld Marc Lichtenfeld has studied the markets for more than 22 years. After getting his start on the…


  The anxiety of waiting for the results of GE15 is over, as is the jubilance. It’s now time…
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